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Big Hill Lookout
Walk – 15minutes one way
Twin peaks overlooking Bimbi Park, the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait, Cape Otway, Moonlight Head and the Otway Ranges.  Route:Follow the track across paddock from bottom (west) gate in Adventure Camp. ‘Lookout’ sign on gate.  White posts mark the trail up the hill.

Bimbi Park – Cape Otway Circular Route
Walk – 2 hours
Follow the walking trail to Cape Otway. Walk through the historic cemetery to return via the coastal route to Station Beach/Rainbow Falls. As you approach the board walks leading over the springs to Station Beach follow sing posting to Bimbi Park. The coastal route gives spectacular views of the coastline and Station Beach. Allow extra 1 hour to visit Rainbow Falls

Bird Observation Trail
Walk – 20 minutes round trip
This trail is very cool and shady on hot days. Great for evening and night walks.
The lights of Lavers Hill can be seen from this trail. There are benches along the trail for resting and enjoying the views. Route:Sign and trail from water trough outside north gate in Adventure Camp.

Blanket Bay
Drive – 15 minutes | Walk 0 minutes
Lovely sheltered beach for children, picnics, swimming, snorkelling and diving. Route: 5km down the road towards the Lighthouse. Turn left at the Blanket Bay Road, follow the road over the bridge to Blanket bay. Park in the DayPark

Cape Otway Cemetery
Walk – 30 minutes one way
Historic cemetery containing  over 20 graves of early settlers, shipwreck victims and children. Most are not marked. After passing the third gate you will find a trail that comes up from the Lighthouse. Turn right and you will find a secluded hollow and cemetery.

Cape Otway Lighthouse
Walk – 40 minutes one way
Open every day from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Fee apply.
Route:Follow marked trail from the south gate in the Caravan Park.
Keep to the track and do not cross the second cattle pit to private
property on the right. Great view of the Light station from Paynters Hill.

Crayfish Bay
Drive – 10 minutes | Walk 10 minutes
Lovely sheltered beach for children, picnics, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Route:5km down the road towards the Lighthouse. Turn down Blanket Bay Road to the sign that says to Point Franklin, enter through the gate and turn right to Crayfish Bay car park.  The track may only be suitable for 4WD’s. Follow the cliff tops route to the beach, return via rocks to the beach where there are steps up to the car park.

Great Ocean Walk
Click here for details

Otways Fauna List
Here is a comprehensive list of fauna in the Otways put together by the Environmental Management, School of Science and Engineering, University of Ballarat.

Otway Fly
The Otway fly is about 45 minutes from Bimbipark, it is an enriching environmental experience. The visitor centre subtly introduces you to this amazing rainforest, whilst providing gourmet food, beverages, wine and the opportunity to relax and gently absorb the rich beauty that surrounds you. Located in temperate rainforest 500 metres above sea level the Fly provides you with an all year round experience. In summer you can escape the heat of the coast. In winter you can experience the enigmatic mists enhancing the beauty of the forest. Also the Otway Fly now offers abseiling off the fly over busy holiday periods”
check their site for details.

Parker River
Drive – 20 minutes
Parker River joins the sea at this lovely sheltered beach ideal for sightseeing and paddling.
Route: Same as to Crayfish Bay but after entering the gate proceed straight ahead to the end of the track. The Coastline is suitable to walk from here to Point Franklin and Crayfish Bay, however the coast east towards Blanket Bay is not safe and high tide will block the route.

Point Franklin
Rock or surf fishing. Sea birds often frequent the point. Soft sandy beach.
Route:Same as to Crayfish Bay but turn left to Franklin Point car

Station Beach and Rainbow Falls
Walk – 40 Minutes one way
Just past the falls is Shelley Beach which has a fascinating variety of shells. Good spots here for fishing. Furthermost point is Point Flinders. Here there is a big gutter with a rock island opposite. Notice that the Cormorants use this rock as a lookout.
This is as far as you can go.
Route:Enter the marked lane from the north gate at the lower section of the park. This lane leads onto a walking track to the coastline. There are orange pointers on the way. A sandy trail, great views and fascinating waterfalls around  a rocky platform at the of the beach.
The trail from Bimbi Park takes a right hand turn near the coast and follows the coast walk trail and enters the beach via a board walk.  At this point you will be at the centre of the eastern section of Station Beach. Turn left and follow the beach towards Rainbow Falls. No swimming is allowed but there is a sake rock pool out on the point from where the falls come into view.

Other Places (Short Drives)
Aire River –25 minutes
Johanna Beach –30 minutes
Laver’s Hill –35 minutes
12 Apostles – 1 hour
Apollo Bay –30 minutes