Mini Golf - Bimbi Style

Challenging Fun For Everyone

Suits all ages and skill levels. Hours of fun.

18 holes of challenging fun for all

from children to veteran golfers.

18 Holes Of Fun

18-holes of fun, nestled in stunning Cape Otway, Victoria. A creative course in amongst lush surroundings, perfect for families and mates looking for a top-notch outdoor activity.

Spin Out Of Control

Mischief spinners are at the start of some holes to spice things up a bit.

Spin a “Blind Putt” and putt with your eyes closed!

Spin a “Crain Shot” and putt on 1 leg!

Real Golf But Small

Not an average mini golf, real golf but small.

Over $70,000.00 was spent to give you a great experience.

Cost: Great Value at $10 per

family unlimited play for your whole stay.

Bimbi Guests Only

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