and lots of native wild life in our grounds

Camp sites

powered, unpowered and bush sites


standard, deluxe and solar cabins – to suit all budgets


and lots of native wild life in our grounds


on-site vans

Bird Life

over 80 breeds live around or visit yearly

In the Ngunawal Indigenous language, ‘bimbi’ translates to ‘birds,’ and the park’s natural bushland resonates with the melodies of bird songs, accompanied by the presence of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and various other native wildlife.

Camping, Caravaning & Accommodation

Powered/unpowered/bush sites, on-site vans, bunk rooms, camping pods, and cabins. Enjoy campfires and bring your pets. Modern amenities block includes laundry, dump point, family, and accessible bathrooms. On-site licensed kiosk offers basic groceries, drinks, and ice-creams. In high season, experience the outdoor theatre and Frank’s world-famous wood-fired pizza and Bimbi fish and chip nights. Owners Katrina and Frank, Otway Region experts, are eager to share insights during your stay.


Short walks and car trips lead to stunning beaches and rock headlands along the Southern Ocean. Safe sandy bays offer play areas for children. Explore longer walks in the magnificent Otway National Park, including the premier “Great Ocean Walk” trail. Enjoy fishing, scuba diving, or a visit to the historic Cape Otway Lighthouse (built in 1848) guiding seafarers through Bass Strait’s hazardous waters. While Cape Otway’s climate is generally temperate, its dramatic coast has a formidable history, with fifty vessels, including the Schomberg, Loch Ard, Eric the Red, and Falls of Halladale, having sunk in this area.


Cyril Marriner, a lifelong resident of the Otways, established Bimbi Park. Growing up on a farm from Aire River to Cape Otway, he began conducting trail rides in 1972 with 7 horses. While camping at Bimbi Park on overnight rides, local scout groups used the site in 1976. In 1980, Cyril officially registered Bimbi Park with the shire, investing about 30 years alongside his wife, Pat, in its creation. In 2005 they handed the rains over to the Fotinas Family,


  • Pet friendly – Dogs at Bimbi Park
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Water Conservation at Bimbi Park – Changes we’ve made
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Chickens 

Bimbi Park is a great starting point for beach walks

Bimbi Park, nestled in Cape Otway at the heart of the Great Ocean Road and Great Ocean Walk, boasts stunning forests, beaches, secluded bays, and coastline. Tucked away amidst towering manna gums, it offers a tranquil escape from urban noise and traffic.

Industry Awards

2013 Winner – Powercor Colac Otway Business Excellence Award & Micro Business Award
2013 Winner – Trip advisor certificate of excellence
2012 Winner – Powercor Colac Otway Business Awards Tourism Hospitality and Services
2011 Winner – Powercor Colac Otway Business Awards Micro Business
2010 Finalist – Powercor Colac Otway Business Awards Micro Business
2009 Winner – Powercor Colac Otway Business Awards Micro Business
2009 R.A.C.V. – Voted 17th best place to stay in Victoria

Australian Camps Association Accredited.
Accredited to accommodate school students of all ages

Bimbi Park came 17th out of the many thousands of accommodation providers to stay in Victoria.