Swamp Wallabies

Swamp wallabies resemble small kangaroos but are darker than the common eastern grey kangaroo. They have distinct dark patches on their noses, tails, legs, and forelimbs. Typically leading solitary lives, swamp wallabies are known for their timid nature. The females give birth to a tiny, hairless baby that climbs into the mother’s pouch, where it remains for about six months. Once it starts venturing out to eat grass, it will stay close to its mother until around one year old. Swamp wallabies avoid open fields, preferring the bush and its edges. At dusk and dawn, you will see them along the roads leading to Bimbi Park. To avoid accidents, slow down and stay alert, as they may unexpectedly jump in front of your car.

Likelihood to see them: Common.

Where to see them: On the road sides in and out of Bimbi Park.

Time: Dusk and dawn.