Birds I-P

At and around BimbiPark

Bimbi is a fantastic location for birdwatching. Please note that some birds are permanent residents, while others migrate seasonally. Below are photos of birds spotted at Bimbi Park over the years, though they may not always be present.

Ibis – Straw-necked (By JJ Harrison)

Ibis – Australian White (By Charles J. Sharp)

Kestrel – Nankeen (BY John Spears)

Kingfisher – Sacred

Kookaburra – Laughing

Magpie – Australian

Magpie-lark (By Charles J. Sharp)

Owl – Southern Boobook

Pacific Gull (By Charles J. Sharp) 

Pardalote – Striated (By Fir0002)

Pardalote – Forty Spotted

Parrot Elegant (By HaraldW1954)

Parrot – Australian King

Plover – Hooded (By JJ Harrison)

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