Birds A-C

At and around BimbiPark

Bimbi is a fantastic location for birdwatching. Please note that some birds are permanent residents, while others migrate seasonally. Below are photos of birds that have been spotted at Bimbi Park over the years, though they may not be present all the time.

Australian Gannet (offshore)

Beautiful Firetail Finch

Black Bird (common) (By Andreas Trepte)

Boobook Owl – Southern

Bowerbird Satin – Juvenile Male

Bronze Wing Brush

Cockatoo –  Gang Gang

Cockatoo – Sulphur Crested

Cockatoo – Yellow Tail Black

Common Bronzewing Brown Goshawk


Crested Tern

Cuckoo – Pallid (By Aviceda)

Cuckoo-Shrike – Black-faced (By JJ Harrison)

Currawong – Grey

Currawong – Pied

Birds D-F