Koalas in our trees

Koalas are eucalyptus leaf eaters. They have strong claws and two-thums per paw to climb trees easily. Koalas sleep 18-20 hours per day to conserve energy and digest toxins.
Koalas give birth to blind, pink, hairless joeys weighing less than a gram. The tiny joey crawls into the mother’s pouch, attaches to a teat, and stays there for months until it can ride on her back. Joeys stay with their mothers for about a year.
Mature males have a scent gland on their chest to mark territory, leaving a brown stain useful for identifying sexes. Koalas live alone, meeting only to mate in spring.
They are still common in the Otways and Bimbi Park, where they can be seen high in the forest canopy.

Likelihood to see them: Very Likely.

Where to see them: Around all of Bimbi Park.

Time: All the time