Forty-spotted Pardalote

The forty-spotted pardalote (Pardalotus quadragintus) is one of Australia’s rarest birds, found only in a few colonies in southeast Tasmania, on Maria and Bruny Islands, and in the Otways. It’s a small, energetic bird about 9 to 10 cm long. It resembles the more common spotted pardalote but has a dull greenish-brown back and head, olive rump, and dull yellow under-tail. Its chest is white with light yellow tints, and its black wings have white tips that look like many small spots. There is no seasonal change in plumage; juveniles are slightly less colourful than adults.

Likelihood to see them: Very Rare, Hard to spot.

Where to see them: Used Kookaburra nest at  Bimbi Park bottom block.

Time: Sunrise and most of the day.