Beautiful Fire Tail

The beautiful firetail (Stagonopleura bella) is a common finch in Australia, inhabiting temperate shrublands. It is a small, plump bird, 10-13 cm long, and weighing 14g. slightly smaller than the diamond firetail. It has mostly olive-brown plumage, a white chest with fine dark lines, a black mask with pale blue rings around the eyes, and a thick red beak. Its rump is deep red, and its legs and feet are creamy pink. The wings and tail are short and rounded. Juveniles are less colorful, with a smaller face mask and blackish beak. Males have a black abdomen. Seen at Bimbi but not too common.

Likelihood to see them: Seen but not too common.

Where to see them: At  Bimbi Park in bush block.

Time: Sunrise and most of the day.