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Bimbi Park - Camping Under Koalas

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Rock Climbing Structure

Rock Climbing Structure

Who built our climbing tower?

Flashpoint Sports built our wall.

They are a Victorian company with many years experience in rock climbing walls. They are at the forefront in design and manufacture and excel in engineering, quality, service and Safety.  

How safe is it:
Our tower has been built with your safety as the highest priority. It complies with all currant Australian regulations. There are 4 Auto Belay systems installed and 8 separate tracks, ranging from easy to extremely hard. All climbers are required to wear climbing helmets and our top of the range Harnesses

What is an Auto-Belay?
“Belaying” is a climbing term that describes the process of taking up slack in a climber's safety line as they ascend, and then safely lowering the climber when they either fall or wish to descend. In traditional rock climbing, this process is managed by a “Belay Partner”. The term “Auto-Belay” is used to describe a device that replaces the “Belay Partner” with a mechanical device.

Which Auto-Belay system do we have?
We chose Spectrum Sports auto belay system. Spectrum Sports is a company that has been behind the auto-belay climbing movement from the very beginning. They pioneered the technology and built the very first hands-free auto belay device for climbers in the '90s. Since then they've been safely protecting climbers from falls using their advanced automatic belay device. They have more experience with auto-belays than any other company.

How does the Auto-Belay work?
The Spectrum Sports auto belay safety system is an air/oil hydraulic apparatus. As a climber ascends, air pressure works upon the device in a manner that collects any slack in the climber's safety line. When the climber descends, oil flow thru the device is restricted in a manner that safely slows the rate of descent. Four generations of design evolution, 3rd party engineering, and millions of safe cycles worldwide have proven that the Spectrum Sport Intl Auto-Belay device is the safest and most reliable on the market.